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BT Business Final Bill


BT Business are continually delaying the generation of our final Bill (which will be a credit). I was told that it would be generated within 14 days of the service ceasing. But each time I phone up I'm told that the previous agent didn't end all the 'value added services' properly and it will be another 14 day for the bill to be generated. We are closing down the business and the generation of this final bill is delaying our final VAT Return and putting the business into Liquidation. This is costing us serious money, due to the delays. I'm not getting anywhere and it's impossible to talk to anyone who can actually do anything! Short of taking BT to Court, what can I do?



Hi DawnACL,


I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had getting your final bill.


I can look into this for you but will need to take some of your account information first. Please send me a private message via the "Send a Message" button on my profile and we can continue the conversation there.