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Ongoing billing and account management issues



Hi, I am so tired of trying to resolve our issues and I have no idea where to go with this now!


We signed a new contract in April 2023 with BT Local Business where we were told we need to change to a digital system and that a new private fibre line would be installed, we have had nothing but problems with the new contract.


The main worry that I have is the massive increase in our monthly bills despite being sent a written proposal that showed our monthly bills would decrease (how stupid were we to believe this).


Other issues that are concerning;

One installation was supposed to be completed nearly a year ago (for this private fibre) but our account manager has only just noticed that this installation hasn’t been completed and is now demanding we resign the agreement for this service or we face cancellation fees. I don’t understand how we are being threatened with a fee for something that is clearly something they haven’t done. We were originally told that this installation would be completed in “2-3 months” but it still hasn’t been installed nearly a year later. 

Beginning of March 2024, the phone lines and internet dropped. We were without business for 4 days because of this. When I called for assistance, I was told that everything looked fine at their end. Looking back now, it makes sense that things weren’t working because they cut the old line but hadn’t installed the new router to take over as they should’ve nearly a year ago. 


Changes have been made to our account without any written contract. This was supposed to be resolved but I’ve just received our latest bill and it definitely is not resolved. 

Installation problems  - engineers not turning up at all then turning up without warning. 


Frustratingly I have been unable to resolve the billing problems. Every bill received since the new contract was signed has been incorrect and massively inceased. I have phoned so many times and tried to resolve these issues with BT.

The complaints department state they will amend and correct with appropriate credits on the next bill but this has not been done. Return calls are either not made or when they do return the call, the issue is still not solved. We are now getting incorrect bills on top of incorrect bills and the amount we are paying is ridiculous.


We are still getting charged for contracts that ended in 2022 despite notifying them that these lines are not in use.


I feel that the gentleman who prepared this contract for us is constantly covering up the issues with lies and hasn’t stuck to his side of the contract. I have tried so many times to contact the complaints department, but getting somewhere feels simply impossible.

I feel that there is a massive case of mismanagement going on, I simply can’t cope with the pressure of trying to sort this anymore.


I am so frustrated and need some assistance with this, is there anyone able to help me and deal with this. I am really struggling to cope with all of this now.


Thank you,




Hi Lora


I'm so sorry to hear about all the issues you've been having. Can you please send over a private message so I can take some account details? 



Unless you had a prior agreement with BT that it would pay for your contractor's time, you'd have no legal grounds to demand payment.


Hi Lora,


This sounds like almost a carbon copy of our experience with BT Local Business. Did you get anywhere with resolving this in the end? BT have cut our connection 3 times already and yet all Local Business will say is "it's with the complaints team, there's nothing more we can do."


We are a small charity and don't have a great deal of funds, yet BT are now chasing us for over £11,000 of outstanding charges. I really sympathise with you because I have had so many sleepless nights worrying about trying to get this sorted. We have written to the MD of our Local Business branch twice now, but their PA just bats the enquiry back to the same people and we start the cycle again.




Hi tjd154


Can you please send over a private message with some account details so I can escalate the complaint for you?