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As every day passes, advertising is moving further away from billboards and bus stops, to a more cloud based digital solution. Whether you’re loading up a webpage or streaming music or videos online, we’re faced with advertisements popping up and letting us know about a product or service, sometimes perfectly timed for a spouse’s birthday or a forgotten anniversary. Admit it, we’ve all been there.


So how would you go about getting your business products to pop up online, perfectly positioned for consumers to see and hopefully purchase your products?


Social media


A good place to start is social media. Having potential customers react to content that grabs their attention can spread the word for free. Utilising social media is, as far as I’m concerned, the future market for potential customers. There’s loads of great examples of how using social media can boost your business, but when I was a frontline tech adviser I remember speaking to a customer about his axe throwing business and how he could advertise that on social media.


We came up with the idea ‘Trick shot Tuesday’ where they could record a thirty second video every Tuesday of someone showing the skill of axe throwing and put it on YouTube or Instagram. He thought the idea was decent. Two weeks later I checked his Instagram and right enough, Trick shot Tuesday was born, with around 6,000 views and likes. Even to this day the series runs and gets good views, and it’s free advertising for his business.


The bonus of having your own website


Having a website that can pop and draw in interest is also important. Obviously not everyone is a Microsoft credited web designer but there are tools out there that can help you create your dream website that captures future customers as well as linking it to a social media campaign to grow your business.



Does your business have a digital presence? Or do you have a question for anyone who's business is part of the digital world? Share your thoughts with the Community.









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