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So, you’ve found the BT Business Community. We’re here to help you iron out your technical quirks and connect to other people in your industry. Following the easy steps below is why you should click the Sign in button and select Register here to sign up and join the fastest growing community in BT.


Don’t believe me? Here’s a note from Kelper, one of our Super Users:


“The mods on the BTB Community do get involved and accelerate solutions. I tried for five months to get caller display working; after joining this forum it was sorted very quickly.”


Here’s 7 reasons why an online community would be good for you:


 1. Networking opportunities

Becoming a member of an online community lets you interact with like-minded individuals 24/7 and make contacts. All you need to do is sign up and join in conversations you find interesting.


 2. Gain ideas

Get involved easily with the topics of the moment within the community and get inspired. The more people are engaged, the more potential there is for you to gain ideas.


“I signed up to the community to get some advice and then realised that I could give back in return,” said Kelper “I have been using computers since the 80s and treat every glitch as an enjoyable problem to solve.”


 3. Increase knowledge

By joining the conversation, you can find questions you want to ask and learn from the experiences of other members of the community.


Kelper, over to you: “BT has millions of customers... so, a forum, where customers help each other, is the way to go.”


 4. Build relationships

You can connect with peers, thought leaders and subject matter experts. Getting to know other members, letting other members get to know you and creating a strong connection with the community.


 5. Become an expert

Online communities offer a great way to establish your expertise. Search for threads that relate to your subject or start one yourself. You can start a thread about products or services that interest you and share tips on how to improve them.


Providing useful responses to questions posted by community members will help you gain a reputation as an industry expert. More importantly, your posts will remain permanently visible in the community and could grow your following over time.


 6. Make the most of online communities

Make the most of online communities by being a sponge. Soak it all in. Don’t ignore a topic or a thread just because it wasn’t meant for you. Be curious and find out more.


Just remember the golden rules of online communities: be active, engaging, respectful, helpful and add value. Being rude, abusive, or spamming is a sure way to get yourself thrown out.


 7. We need YOU!

As Kelper has said, us moderators are always there keeping an eye on the Community. So, if you’ve made it this far, what’s stopping you from signing up and joining us? Signing up only takes a few minutes and then you can make a post here introducing yourself.