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Email addresses have a few foibles that people aren’t aware of. What do you know about emails? I’m going to run through the different options you have; to stay in touch with your customers, on the go, in the office and even on holiday!


What do you know about email?

There are numerous different email providers. Not everyone knows this but emails you’ve received are from an online server. So, if you get your emails on your PC or phone, there is a good chance there is still a copy of these emails online, in what we call Webmail.

Webmail is a place on the internet where you can log into a specific webpage (URL), and it shows you all your emails. When you have your emails setup on your windows app, Outlook, Thunderbird or MacMail, (These are all examples of email applications that manage your email addresses on your computer only) so the webmail pushes a copy of the email from the webmail and on to whatever device and app your email account is setup on. This is handy, because it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can receive your emails, pretty much hassle free; if you have an internet connection of course.


How do I know my webmail URL?

Every email supplier is different, so I’m not going to name every one of them here. The best way to find out the Webmail URL is to use Google search and type in “what is the URL for my XXX email address”. Then it’s a case of logging in with your details and you’ll see your inbox. I will add that if you’re receiving a Mailbox Full notification, it could be because your webmail is full. Always check the sent items too. For some reason that is the most common cause of a full mailbox from my experience – even after you’ve deleted everything from your Outlook app or phone app, the emails can remain on the webmail.


Is there a limit to how many emails I can send?

Generally, you can email whoever you want whenever you want. What you don’t want to do is send 100’s of emails at once. If you do that then you run the risk of your email address being picked up as spam. This could result in your email going on a “Bad Sender” list. The best way to avoid that it to sign up for an Email marketing platform. This kind of product can space every email you send out for you and mean you can send as many as you like.


BT have a few handy guides to help you with any of the above issues. Click on these helpful links to see if BT can help you; How to manage email storage, How to set up emails on your PC or laptop, How to set up emails on your mobile device, I’ve received an ‘Invalid Sender’ bounceback: What do I do? and Invalid Sender Error message: What should I do?


Or if you have any issue or problems not listed, send a message in the comments below.






I cannot access outlook on a new iPhone using my bt email address. Outlook tells me incorrect password. I have logged on to my bt account and changed my password. Is the BT account password I reset the same one I should used to logon to outlook mail ?


thanks in advance 




anyone able to help with this ?