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0 Service information from BT Wholesale after exchange upgrade

A couple of weeks ago the exchange on the Isle of Mull was upgraded and since then we have been unable to get internet access at one of our remote sites.

The site needs a third party router to provide port forwarding rules.

The router was working fine until the exchange was upgraded. Now we can't get access to the site remotely or get internet access at the site.

When we called BT helpline they identified it was a netgear router and told us that was the problem.

I have visited the site, checked the login details, which are correct, and used a new TP-link router with the same results.

We do get the BT wholesale service page, and a visit by a BT engineer confirmed that the broadband connection was live (although he couln't access the internet).

I have 2 reports from BT saying that the fault has been fixed, but we still can't get access.

I see that this type of fault needs to be looked at by moderators & I think we need the same help.

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Re: Service information from BT Wholesale after exchange upgrade

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Hi kestral,


It sounds like the type of engineer that you could make use of would be a Qube engineer - they're engineers that can come out and check the internal property to make sure there's a working connection. It looks like an engineer did this before but they should really be investigating why they can't get webpages. If you have a third-party router set up though and that's the source of the issue, you would likely be charged.


I believe the mods on the forum have the same access to business accounts and the same ability to report faults as advisors do over the phone, so it may be best to just ring up for a quicker response. 


Thanks, Bobby

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