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Frequently asked questions - Broadband

How do I do wiring checks? If you’re having trouble with your broadband, we recommend doing some simple wiring checks to find out what’s causing the issue. The checks differ slightly depending on what socket you have. Here’s a link to the guide for d...

BethM by Administrator
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The new way to test your service

If you’d like to test your fibre broadband service without having to call us, we now have a new text service which can run tests without all the hassle - text Fault followed by your broadband telephone number to 60148. Your mobile will need to be reg...

BethM by Administrator
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Perkbox offer redemption

Hi I received an email from BT offering 6 months of Perkbox for 20 employees if we renew our broadband package. We did so but have received no activation code as described in the FAQs for the offer here

copers by Member
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Broadband Drops Out

We have BT Business Broadband that keeps dropping out. We have had five engineer visits in four weeks who have eliminated everything but SHINE which they say is produced externally and they can do nothing about it. We have run an analysis program for...

Home Web Server Instructions

Hi. I posted this question in "Email Computing Hosting & Domains" and it's festered for a week. So I'm wondering if maybe I should have posted here... Are there some instructions for setting up a home web server? I have a LAMP server all good to go. ...

Home Hub 4 issue viewing one website

I'm having a really strange issue with my BT Home Hub 4.  I am a web designer and I can't view one of my clients websites because it is redirecting and showing a Windows Server IIS screen. The site is hosted on a Linux server and there is no redirect...

Installation tomorrow will not happen if BT dont get my details correct.

This is for any staff member of BT. I am supposed to have my BB installed tomorrow and land line moved to the cloud.So far BT have got my products wrong, my price wrong and my address wrong. I'm not sure there is anything left to get wrong?I have pho...

NeilH by Member
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IPv6 Network status disabled

I cannot get connected with IPv6 using Hub 6; the IPv6 Network Status is saying, “Disabled” in the Hub Manager. I should add I have FTTP and 1 static IPv4.I spoke with 3 Tech support persons today, each gave me a different reason for the “Disabled” N...

GPC by Member
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Port forwarding not working

I have a BT Business Smart Hub on FTTP, recently installed. I have been trying to get Team Viewer to go straight through to one private IP as we used to do on our Draytek router. This was the setup on the DraytekThis is what I have tried on the BT Hu...

port redirection.jpg Port forwarding.jpg
sjt01 by Member
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Hub R4 running 2 SSID's independently.

Hello, we have a Hub 4 and are looking at a solution to run a staff and a Guest Wifi so that we can control and limit/switch off one independently without affecting the other. I seem to understand that this feature is included from the Hub 6 onwards,...

LBM by Member
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DLM Reset

I am having issues with getting the support to understand I need a DLM reset. Please find below statistics which may be needed in addition as part of a request to Openreach. I cannot say for certain how long this has been this slow, but i'd expect mo...