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BT Business 4G Assure - Can I extend this through cat5?

Can I extend the 4G assure through cat5/6 wiring? as I am unable to receive a signal next to my master socket connected directly to the Business Hub 5. As far as I am aware I have a few options such as placing the router and 4G assure next to a window and running DSL through cat6 wiring to the router. Or connect the 4G assure through cat6 wiring itself and place just the dongle next to the window so I can have my BH5 located in the server room.
Any help would be appreciated, but I suspect the cat6 run of about 40m is too long for the usb signal to work with.
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Re: BT Business 4G Assure - Can I extend this through cat5?

Hi Ethan


Hope you are well! That sounds like it could be too long, but on principle it still might work. Because this is a new product we have a specialist team who would deal with any technical queries in regards to the 4G Assure. I would recommend giving them a call - their direct number is 0800 678 1016.


They can certainly look into this for you to help you make the most of your 4G service!




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