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Frequently asked questions - Broadband

How do I do wiring checks? If you’re having trouble with your broadband, we recommend doing some simple wiring checks to find out what’s causing the issue. The checks differ slightly depending on what socket you have. Here’s a link to the guide for d...

BethM by Administrator
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The new way to test your service

If you’d like to test your fibre broadband service without having to call us, we now have a new text service which can run tests without all the hassle - text Fault followed by your broadband telephone number to 60148. Your mobile will need to be reg...

BethM by Administrator
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Easiest method to upgrade to fibre please

Hi newbie here but longest bt customer.Question directed at Mod Daniel S as he seems to know his stuff and get things done.I have bt business phone line and broadband.For that i pay £180 per quarter.I get average speed on adsl2 of 15 mbps but down to...

clive05 by Member
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Two VDSL connections in to one property

Hi I have an issue with one of the Broadband connections I have at my home. I have a private Broadband (TalkTalk) connection and a BT Enterprise Broadband Connection from my company. I got the BT EBB connection recently in August and since the BT set...

adivk by Member
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Silver address

I can't upgrade our broadband to fibre because apparently we have a silver address (I'm currently with TalkTalk).I had an Openreach engineer onsite a few months back who verified we have the capability to have fibre, my neighbours have fibre but we c...

MalNCH by Member
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Resolved! Static IP Issues

Hoping someone can offer some help here. I am having issues with Static IP. I was told my static ip is x.x.x.x. I put this IP address into the BT Router along with the subnet of After this I click on the MultiNAT tab where I select o...

beezy by Member
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Resolved! BT Sport through Business Account, ID003 unable to access

Hi, I've been trying to access the BT Sport App but I always recieve the error ID003 "you haven't activated BT sport on your account yet". I have linked my BT Business Account to my BT ID, but it still does not let me access this.

BT Business hub and content filtering.

I am working with a client who is setting up a small school for children with problems.  They have ordered BT Business broadband unlimited with Assure 4g backup. i will be adding two unifi wifi access points at either end of the building. They will n...

Draytek 130 (Modem) to Draytek 2926

I have a couple of questions. Firstly with the homehub 5 that we received as part of the business line I am unable to assign the account and password to the homehub received in letter format. tries PPP and fails so we have had to stick to the green-l...

Access to BT WiFi

We have a business broadband account, and would like to be able to log into FON, Openzone etc.  In My Account, if I click 'Manage Services', I get... Sorry, it looks like you’ve logged in using your online billing details.To manage your domains, emai...

Bt Bussiness Broadband ...MASSIVE PROBLEM !

OK since storms 2 weeks ago that took out a lot of modems/kit in my area my business BB has had massive issues. Getting really frustrated now.We have BT business infinity. We are virtualy next to the FTTC cab and were getting a solid 70M all day/nigh...

jov6 by Member
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Resolved! Static IP addresses and SmartHub 6

Setup pretty simple, smarthub 6 onto BT  infinity wth a block of 5 static IPs. Have gone through setting up the internal assignemnet of the required public IPs to internal devices, an SBS server and an applcation server.  (Static IP > MultiNAT) Both ...

BenK by Member
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