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4G Assure - How Many PC's Does It Support?


Trying to help some friends in a small business with 4G Assure. They have a 4 machine W10 network and when recently 4G Assure kicked in, only one PC maintained internet connectivity, the other three dropped (despite all being connected to the same Smarthub)


Is this normal? If not, any suggestions of where to look to try and resolve this? The documentation I have managed to track down so far doesnt seem to give any detailed info.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions


Grand Guru

Hi there,


The 4g assure just takes over from the modem in the router so connection from PC's doesn't change. They still connect to the router as normal.


If the connection drops on the PC's then you need to confirm they are still connected to the router and can they get the router's interface? can they ping a web page or googles DNS?


I doubt the issue is directly related to the 4g tbh.


You can make sure the 4g is working by going into the router's interface at


Here's the help site