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Access to BT WiFi


We have a business broadband account, and would like to be able to log into FON, Openzone etc.  In My Account, if I click 'Manage Services', I get...


Sorry, it looks like you’ve logged in using your online billing details.
To manage your domains, email, and web hosting; to check your broadband usage, view products that you’ve bought, and to edit your account settings, you’ll need to log out and then log in again with the username and password that we gave you when you bought your broadband or other services.
If you don’t know them, just use the forgotten username and password links.


BUT, those links take you to the page to reset the password for your online account. I already know that username and password.


If I navigate direct to , it suggests it's an old page and that you should go to , which is where I started in the first place.


The help articles say you need a btconnect address, but I can't find any help articles on how to get one of those, nor do I really want one.


So what gives?  What am I missing here?


I've got a step further with this, after much searching I found this page...

However, I get the following error message when I enter my broadband account number...

"Sorry, we didn't recognise this account number."

BT Employee
BT Employee



It sounds like you are logging in with the wrong details Kevin.

Your  BT Wifi login details will be your primary email address and password that is setup on your BT Business broadbasnd account.

If you are not aware of what they are, you can call the BT Support team, who can advise what the user name is and help you reset your password. You can contact the support team on 0800 800 154.


Once you have recived them, you can check that they are working with logging in to the link below.


Hope this helps



Thanks Billy. A helpful man is now on the case as it seems there's something wrong with the account. It's been quite a journey to get this far though.