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BT Business Smart Hub 2, Whole Home Discs and FF900



I am waiting for FF900 to be connected to our premises - BT have sent all the bits and pieces including a Business Smart Hub 2.


At the moment we are using a Smart Hub Type A, which connects to 6 Ethernet connected whole home discs (white) since I have hardwired Cat 6 sockets in most areas.


I'm seeing some worrying things online that say I can't use the new Smart Hub 2 with whole home discs, only the Complete (Black) Discs and even then the Complete discs are not meant to be connected via ethernet.

This will seriously affect how our wi-fi works.


So, two questions:

1. Can I use our 6 whole home white discs with the Business Smart Hub 2 and FF900?

2. If not, then can I continue to use the Smart Hub Type A and connect FF900 to it, rather than the new hub?


Any help or advice would be gratefully recieved.



Hi FiveLittleFish, 


I can answer the questions you have regarding The Smarthub type A, white disks and the Smart Hub 2. 


1. The white disks won't work with the Smarthub 2 and FF900

2. The Smarthub type A wont work as the Full Fibre connection differs from the Fibre to the cabinet. 


One solution is to add the Complete Wifi for business package to your broadband account. It costs around £7 p/m and you get up to 6 disks free, free engineer installation of the wifi and 100% guaranteed wifi. 
What is Complete Wi-Fi and how do I get started? | BT Business


Lots of good info here What is Complete Wi-Fi and how do I get started? | BT Business.


But have you considered using the mains wiring to extend your wifi?  It's much cheaper.