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BT Business SmartHub 2 and Fixed IP addresses


There are two reasons for buying static IP addresses:


1. (The obvious one) - so you can provide a way for users outside your network to access your services.


2. So the users inside your network can access services on external machines in the cloud, where those machines use IP addresses to control user access.


BT is doing (1). I don't understand why they are using the dynamic address of the hub as the source address when forwarding out from the local 192.168 network.


Surely the base address of my 7 ip addresses, used internally on the local network for routing, is available for use. It's there, all that needs to happen is to change the Hub setup to use it. If this is not technically possible, then I'd like to know why.


OK I can use a VPN, but given that my broadband is not really super fast, I don't want to slow connections down.


However. I am doubtful that this moan will have any effect - if you think that this should happen for you.. please complain to BT.



If the IPv4 address you are talking about is one in these ranges which includes 192.168., its not routable....


But I can sympathise, coming to this forum as I have, whatever you are moaning about will have no effect!




Hi pcollinson,


I'm sorry you are having issues with IP addresses, they can make things difficult! PM me with more information and I can see if i can help you.