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BT Business hub and content filtering.


I am working with a client who is setting up a small school for children with problems.  They have ordered BT Business broadband unlimited with Assure 4g backup.


i will be adding two unifi wifi access points at either end of the building.


They will need however content fitering which is only available from BT with home broadband.


They will be using a mixture of Windows 10 laptops and android tablets.  I would like to do the content fitering at the router and thought about using Open DNS but in a chat just now with BT they said that you cannot change the BT routers DNS Server addresses.  According to this thread you can.  /t5/Broadband-and-internet/BT-Hub-5-Custom-DNS/td-p/80324


Has something changed or am I being fobbed off by someone who doesnt understand?  Any other suggestions?


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Barry


Hope you are well!


I believe it was myself who replied to the other thread with how to do OpenDNS on the Hub 5 - That should be correct. 🙂


It is not something we would necessarily support though from a technical help desk point, which is likely why you were advised otherwise when you spoke to one of our agents. It is not something agents would necessarily be trained on - but it is certainly possible. If you follow the steps in that other thread that should help you out! 🙂





Thanks for that Ryan.  I was looking at getting one of the Netgear nighthawk routers to replace the BT router as they include Circle Disney content filtering but I think it just uses OpenDNS anyway so if I can get away with just altering the DNS servers in the BT router to OpenDNS servers which will give me basic parental controls then thats going to be a lot easier.


I wonder if it will effect the 4G Assure connection though which they are going to be using for two to three weeks until the proper lines are installed.  


I installed the BT Router (Business broadband) with 4g Assure backup on Friday which worked instantly by the way (BT turned up shortly after and activated the fibre broadband anyway).


However following Ryans instructions in this thread /t5/Broadband-and-internet/BT-Hub-5-Custom-DNS/td-p/80324 I could not see an option to alter the DNS server settings once I clicked disconnect.  Time was against me but I am pretty sure there was no way of changing them.


Its a real issue as we have kids using tablets, laptops etc on an open unrestricted network and it would be ideal if the content filtering could be done at the router.  I dont really want to change the router from a support point of view with BT and the fact that it has the excellent 4g asure which I have to say is an excellent idea.


Its such a pity that content filtering comes with the BT Home broadband which is cheaper but not with Business. Is there any way it can be added as a service?

Super User

Hey barryd999,


I believe there's no plans to get parental controls added to the BT Business services. The reason behind this is because that's mostly used for parents with kids and businesses would rarely need the service restricted, but I do understand the reasoning in this instance. You would probably be best speaking with the BT Enhanced IT Support Team on telephone number 0800 500 247 who may be able to offer another solution - that line is chargeable for any help that they provide, but you'll be notified of this before carrying on. They will be able to help with third-party setup including Open DNS on the BT network. 


Thanks, Bobby


Dear Ryan,


Have read your posts on how to change to open DNS on the Hub router. I have a business Hub 3 router rather and have been trying to follow your advice on how to change to manual settings so we can install parental controls at the router rather than on each device individually. We run a church where children and youth use the internet. When I disconnect in broadband internet settings there is no option for manual DNS that I can see. Is there a way it can be done?