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BT Digital Voice not using BSH2 ?



I'm trying to use the supplied Digital Voice DECT Phone (Cloud Voice Express) as part of the Business Halo Bundle with a 3rd party router/firewall.


Hardware is a W70B + W73H


I've allowed all the necessary outbound ports - and thus Outbound calls appear to be fine.  I have successfully made an outbound call to a mobile without using the BSH2.


However, on inbound calls, I get 'Number not Valid' on the Mobile.  I've tried forwarding the BT 'Digital Voice' WAN ports to the end DECT device - and I am seeing some incoming hits on the f/w (being NAT'd and allowed), suggesting something is trying to connect - but the incoming call does not ring.


edit - I just tried via the BSH2 - same issues - I can call outbound fine but no incoming calls - results in  'Number not Valid' on the calling mobile - perhaps I have a wider issue ?


Any help appreciated. 😀





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