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BT Hub 2 + BT Disc Setup questions


Hi, hopefully there are some BT Disc users here.

Just moved to BT and setup the Hub2 with fast 500MB speed.
Change the Network Name and Password to the old supplier one (my own geeky name) so easier to migrate family and devices to it. No issues here

I have started setting up BT Discs. The reset and setup created a network with it's OOTB settings, so different Network and Password.
I wanted to change the Discs Name and Password to match the routers, to again make things easier.
I read that once setup I should turn off the Wi-fi on the Hub 2, placing it in modem mode, so not to create a clash.


  1. Has anyone setup the Hub and Discs as I have?

  2. Is turning off the Hub Wi-Fi the best advice? I would have thought BT hub and Discs would just create one large Mesh network with the Hub acting as a Disc




Hi sekinpetr


Is this the BT Business Smart Hub 2 with Complete Wi-Fi or do you have a residential account? 



I have a home account and manage a setup in a local club with a BT business account. My recollection is that both networks were set up the same way:

1. Change the router SSID and password to what I chose

2.  Connect a disc to the router by an ethernet cable and wait until there was a steady blue light.


that’s it in short. Move anywhere in the house or club and it’s the same SSID and password, and devices connect seamlessly. In my house, I have added a second disc in the same way. I simply followed the instructions on the box. My apologies if I have misunderstood your query.