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BT Hybrid Connect signal boosting




So we've been without working FTTP for 4 weeks now due to unknown faults.

The area is reporting the same thing but the engineers don't appear to talk to each other.


So we have been using the Hybrid backup for those 4 weeks.
Unfortunately signal around the area is not the best.


Does anyone have any experiencing with MIMO antennas? I've currently got two small antennas on the back which has brought the signal up from -108db to -100 to -96db
If I go a out of the surrounding buildings/trees I can easily get -80 to -76db

I'm looking at different options of mounting a mast on the side of the building to break the tree line as it's just above the roof.


If anyone has anything currently or has previously thoughts or suggestions would be great.



Have you considered wifi range extenders?  Do you have a BTB Smart Hub?


Hi Elliot,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your broadband. If you'd like me to have a look into this and see if there's anything I can do to get this moving, please send me a private message by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message".






Unfortunately Wifi range extenders won't assist with poor 4G signal from the area.
Thanks though!


After 27 days without usable internet and patchy 4G, it's apparently resolved.
Will still keep looking at options to improve the 4G.


Wifi extenders might allow you to put the 4G modem somewhere with a better 4G signal.....


The Hybrid hub connects via bluetooth and bridging the connection won't work unfortunately, best results via ethernet.

I've tested the signal across the house and it will sit between -110 to -96db.
Even in the loft it's only -101db.
The main point of this was external antennas to break the tree line and other surrounding buildings.
Hopefully to find if someone had done anything with theirs.


Thanks though.

Power User

These eight steps show you what to do.

1. Your signal's weak
If only one bar is lit up, you'll need to find a better spot for your Hybrid Connect Device.

Hub showing one bar shaded blue, the other two being grey
2. Unplug your Hybrid Connect Device from your hub
Unplug the Ethernet cable from both the hub and the Device.

Rear of Hub showing where to unplug the Ethernet lead
3. Switch off your Hybrid Connect Device
Hub being unplugged from the mains socket
4. Find a good spot for your Hybrid Connect Device
Here are a few pointers to help you find a good spot for your Hybrid Connect Device:

Place it on or near a windowsill. Make it higher by placing it on top of something.
Keep it away from obstructions like plants, fish tanks or metal objects.
Avoid putting it near electrical or wireless Devices like baby monitors or doorbells.
Try to keep a clear line of sight between your Hybrid Connect Device and the Smart Hub 2 — walls and floors can sometimes block the signal.
5. Plug in your Hybrid Connect Device at your new spot
Plugging power adapter into the mains socket
6. Let your Hybrid Connect Device connect wirelessly to your hub
Hub and disc with wireless connection
7. Wait for both lights on your Hybrid Connect Device to turn solid blue or orange
Hybrid Connect Device plugged in. Clock indicates waiting.
8. Check your signal strength
Check the lights on the front of the Hybrid Connect Device to see the strength of your connection and move your Device accordingly.

Showing position of lights on the front of the Hybrid Connect Device
Check the signal strength and move the Hybrid Connect Device as necessary.



Rachel Gomez