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BT / Openreach communication?

Hi, Can anyone please give any advice. We moved premises and had Openreach in to connect phone line and supposedly the broadband too (BT had sent the hub in the post). The Openreach engineer Didn’t know anything about the broadband - he just was there for the phone line. This was on the 28th September. After I don’t know how many phone calls it appears our broadband order is ‘stuck’ in the Openreach system. We can’t cancel it apparently and start again as the cancellation is likely to get ‘stuck’ also. We keep getting told it will be sorted in 48 hours and that we will be called back, that it has been put as high priority but we don’t seem to be making progress. Any tips or ideas of how to push this through. I’m at my wits end and our business is of course suffering! Thank you


Hi Dalemon1


I'm sorry you had issues with the order - hopefully in a case like this when you were having repeated issues with the owner, someone would raise a case and take ownership of the issue until it's sorted. I know this post was a while ago so hopefully all is now well but if you need any assistance regarding this, please private message me