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Inherited Contracts




I have been paying for a number of accounts (unknowingly) with BT Business for telephone lines and leased lines. The previous company was bought out in 2017 and upon investigation it appears we have inherited a number of products from the previous owners. These are currently still being billed in the old company name and appear to have been migrated to our other accounts.


We have since set up new services that suit our companies needs with other providers and did not quite understand what was still running under BT on the old company name. 


Essentially we are now paying for duplicate services at our sites in both the correct company name (which we set up) and the old company name (which we did not). I want to cancel the old lines and be reimbursed for the duplicate spend but I am being told that we will be held to the contracts even though we never set them up and they are in the wrong company name. 


I am at a loss what to do next. Any advice would be appreciated.


Many Thanks




Hi DavidRemondis


I'm sorry to hear the issues you had with the billing. In this case, an invesigation would be needed from our side to look into this further as it doesn't sound right to me. Hopefully it's resolved now since this post was in March, but if you do require any assistance regarding this, please private message me