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BT have disconnected our business broadband without consent or notice


BT have disconnected our business broadband without consent or notice.


The last month has been dreadful with BT.  We got in contact to resolve an intermittent internet issue which we
subsequently resolved ourselves.


The agent told us (before we resolved the issue) our router was old and that we would need to upgrade which we agreed to.  We cancelled the order after we noticed anti virus software had been added without consent.


Since we were out of contract we placed another order for 900 Mbps Fibre and static IP.  To cut a long story short, we requested to cancel this order as well because of BT's appalling customer service, lack of communication and around 3 weeks worth of phone calls going nowhere.


Now our business broadband which we've had for 5 years and was out of contract has been disconnected without or consent or notice. We are an IT based company and require internet to run our business.


Please help.





I am very sorry about this. If you can privately message me with


Your Full name

Contact mobile number 

Company name

Business Account number

Business Telephone number

Full Address including Postcode


I can call you to gain access to the account and assist. Thank you, Adam


To summarise this morning: I spoke to an agent and explained very clearly I need my normal out-of-contract internet that was switched off Saturday morning to continue working until we've found another provider and that all previous orders should remain cancelled.  The agent confirmed.  


After a month of phone calls with BT we have given up trying to get help/order a new package.


I contacted Sky and arranged a business package with Fibre installation.  They will be taking over the line at the end of the month.  I expect BT to continue providing my existing broadband connection until the switch over.


The lady handling the complaint called and informed me that the agent had reissued the order!  After I responded to the complaint expressing my distress the complaint handler informed me she had cancelled the reissue.


Like I've written in the complaint: this is causing me a great deal of inconvenience, stress and is hurting my business reputation.


Any update on this BT?  We're now on day 4 without our business broadband.


I received an email after speaking with the agent who wrongly reissued the order stating Your BT service is up and running - Please help us learn how we did with this 5 minute survey.  - Our business broadband is NOT up and running.


Please assist.


Hi Adam.


Thank you for the private message.   Please see this Youtube video which shows the BT business router displaying a solid orange colour light after rebooting.  This light has been on since Saturday morning when the line was disconnected.


Thanks for confirming yesterday that the line was disconnected in error.


Any update on getting the line reconnected?  Our business is now on day 5 without internet.


Hi Adam,


Thanks for your message. You've said it doesn't look like you can get the line activated without a new install
which will take weeks and by which point Sky will have taken over.

The copper line is still physically there, so why can't it be turned back on by BT?


I spoke with Sky who said it's irrelevant whether the line is active or not - the engineer will install and activate FFTP either way.


The offer of £100 credit for 4G WIFI will not bring our public facing webservices back online. 4G coverage here is poor. Please understand we're an ICT consultancy company and internet is absolutely essential. This is detrimental to our business.


BT cannot cut off a business's broadband by accident and not fix it. We still have two weeks until Sky take over.
Can this complaint be raised higher in order to get the line turned back on?