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Digital Voice (DV) Adapter X16-G90 not pairing with SH2

Re: Digital Voice adapter won't pair with my Hub

I have the same problem and still have this problem.

My migration to  BT Digital Voice (DV) relies on being able to serve a set of engineering  building and a  station gift shop at a heritage railway.  I also have  our main station with a number of legacy phone line based devices (faxes etc.).

At our main station and admin building I have installed  a SH2 with a DECT W73P cordless phone,  this supplies our customer and volunteer Wi-Fi.  I have purchased   Digital Voice Adapters  BT   X16-G90 (item code 100121) this is all the recommended BT kit, there is nothing  that isn't BT/EE equipment.

I can pair    X16-G90 to  the W73P's base station and to my home BT DECT phone, but can't pair to the SH2  either at the railway or my one at home. In these tests, I used the WPS button on the adapter and the  W73P base station.  The phone has no dialing tone  and can't dial out.

Coming back to pairing to the SH2 (as per the setup guide),  I have tried the following:

  1.   Pairing  using  the following:   Wi-Fi mode 1, WPA2 (Recommended) pressing  WPS button on router  then the  DV adapter
  2.  Pairing as item 1  but with  WPS started  via Hub's management (the WPS continues for longer).
  3.  Pairing as item 2,  Wi-Fi security set to WPA-Auto (this trick working for connecting printers or older devices).

No pairing on any of these 3 items


My setting are  the  default SH2 settings under Advanced wireless settings

  • Separate bands OFF
  • Channels:  2.4 GHz -smart (channel 11)     and 5 GHz  Smart (channel 48)
  • WPS  ON


I have not  investigated the alternative   Wireless Modes and in my current  SH2 installation  the on board
BT socket is not available  to me  on the  SH 2's  Manger  phone tab (seen in the DV Adapter's User guide)   is
not present either on the railway's or my own SH2.  

I need  advice  on how to solve this from an expert (P.S.  before I retired I had 40 years of IT Support & was a Network engineer),  so please no FAQ pages,   or applying the latest patches .





Hi JohnP


You mention Digital Voice, this is a residential only product. Is this regarding a business or residential account?