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Complaint of services disconnection


My services were disconnected after an apparent slamming attempt to have my services moved.

I received an email on June 9 to say sorry that I was leaving BT to go to another provider.

I called BT and explained that i had not been in touch with any other supplier and that I do not wish to leave.

I was assured on a number of occasions that  my forthcoming cancellation had been cancelled.


However, yesterday, June 26,  I lost my services at 00:30 on the day that I was told I would do so.

BT advise that for some reason the disconnection of my service went ahead even though they assured me it would not.

I have now had to re-order my services and have to wait until July 10 to be re-connected.

Is there a quicker way to get re-connected. I obviously do not need any equipment nor an engineer to visit.



Hi scollingwood

I'm sorry your services have been disconnected  - can you please send me a private message so I can have a look into this for you?