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How to create a wireless connection to your BT Business Hub 3 using WPS


Find out which BT Business Hub you've got.


Many of the latest devices that use wi-fi now have WPS which allows easier connection between them. To connect your computer to the Hub 3 using WPS your PC must have Windows 8 or Windows Vista with Service Pack 2.


These instructions show you how to connect to the BT Business Hub 3 using the WPS Push Button. However, if the Windows wizard doesn't appear, it means your computer's operating system doesn't support WPS so you shouldn't go any further.

  1. First, make sure your laptop or desktop computer has its wireless network turned on.
  2. On your computer, either:

    • Go to Start and click Control Panel, then Network and Internet, followed by Connect to a network or:

    • If you have Windows 8, make sure you're on the Desktop. To do this, go to the Start Screen again (by moving the pointer to the bottom left corner) and select Desktop. Then:

    • Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection icon at the bottom of your screen, then click on View Available Wireless Networks.

  3. Click on your hub's network name (checking that the last four digits match your hub's details, for example, BTHub3-2345) and click Connect.
  4. A Windows wizard screen will appear.
  5. Press the Wireless WPS button on the rear of your hub for more than 3 seconds but for less than 15 seconds.
    BT Business Hub 3 WPS buttonBT Business Hub 3 WPS button


  6. Your computer will now automatically establish a wireless connection with your Hub 3. The Wireless light on the Hub will slowly flash orange then steady blue when the connection is successful.

A Wireless WPS PIN is provided with your Hub 3. This is not currently used but maybe in the future.