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Connect CCTV through BT Hub


Hi can anyone help


I have setup my CCTV system which is working all ok, I have fixed a cat5 Ethernet cable from the DVR CCTV unit through my BT hub and onto the PC with the Ethernet cable. At the moment i have a fixed IP address for my internet connection for my business web site that is connected to my pc. 


I have installed the software for the CCTV unit on my PC; to connect to the CCTV unit it is asking me to put in the IP address and the password. I have input the password and the IP address which is coming up in the menu of the DVR unit but it is not connecting? The BT Hub is seeing the DVR unit, I could see this when I login into the BT hub on my local area network. The DVR unit is set on DHCP.


And when I have got this working have do I connect to it through the internet to view it on my laptop on a Wi-Fi system ?


Can anyone help?


All the best




BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Darren


First thing you need to do is check it's working locally via the 192 address of the DVR.

If that’s working then you’re looking at a router config problem.  The configuration of the router will depend on how many statics you have.  And the configuration will depend on your firmware version.

If you have 1 static IP then all you have to do is configure the firewall correctly.


Multiple Static Setup


If you have multiple statics then it's going to be a bit more difficult since the router itself will always be assigned a dynamic.  Check if the DVR is capable of receiving an IP via DHCP, if it is not then you need to change your IP package to single.  You can do this via  Log in and click 'connection settings' the option to change to single IP is there and the change is immediate but you need to reboot the router.


If your DVR is capable of DHCP then set it to DHCP, go into the router web page via and depending on firmware go to the following.

Settings > Broadband > Link Configuration > Public IP Address OR

Local Network > Advanced Settings > Public IP Address

...then click Enable and enter your Static router IP and subnet mask (given to you by BT)


This will make your statics available to assign via DHCP to your internal PC's.  To do this again depending on firmware check the page you enabled public networking and if you have a button for 'edit address allocation' click it and you can assign a static from the drop down to your DVR.  IF you don’t have this button click Settings > LAN > NAT & Address Allocation, you can then assign a static to the DVR this way, make sure Address Assignment is set to Public (Select Wan IP Mapping) and select a public IP from Wan IP Mapping.


Firewall Setup


All you have to do here is configure the firewall, firstly you need to make sure none of your network machines are setup as DMZ on the router. 

Go to Firewall > Firewall Settings OR Settings > Firewall > Allow Applications, Pinholes and DMZ mode.  If any devices are set up for DMZ remove this setting as it can interfere with any other rules you set up. 


On the same page you need to create a user defined rule and specify the ports the DVR currently uses, this is not always 80 so you need to check the setup within the DVR itself.  If it is Port 80 I would suggest adding the pre-defined rule of 'Web Server' instead of making a new one.  Once the rule is set up remember and add it to the device.


You can then check this from a web browser via the static IP.  I've also had problems checking it locally via the static so you may need to try it from another location.  You could call the BT helpdesk and ask them to check it for you.


I hope this helps!