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Continually dropping internet connection! SK9 Area


For the past few days now, the internet has been dropping in my office.  Business broadband, fibre. The router flashes orange, everything goes down, usually, it comes back on within a minute or two, but sometimes it takes a few minutes, it was down for about 10 mins today at about 4 (perfect, during an online meeting...). This has happened about 8 times today, mainly between 3.30 and 5pm, about the same yesterday at similar times, I was in at the weekend and it happened a few times then too.  Does anyone know if there is an issue in this area? It's not hardware, I've done all the usual, it's just the internet intermittently going down. I can't get hold of anyone at BT, the phone is voip so when it happens all I can do is the text bot thing and it's useless! I will try to get hold of them tomorrow if it stays online as long as the inevitable queue, but I'd just be interested to know if anyone knows of an issue in the area. 



Grand Master

I have had this occasionally, once a day, but it just resolved.  Do your neighbours have any issues with theirs?

Thanks, it's difficult to know as this has been happening later in the afternoons and the only neighbouring business on BT isn't here at that time. 


Grand Master

Do you have a filter fitted at every phone socket?


Hi k3v1n,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your broadband.


Please can you send me a DM by heading over to my profile and hitting "Send a Message"? I'll need to take some of your account information.