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Current state of broadband internet


I was a long term user of BSNL broadband when I was living in Kerala. Then I moved to Bangalore for work and tried various internet services. Each of them are equally good. Currently I'm a ACT (ISP) subscriber and pays ₹685/month for 40Mbps and 200Gb limit before FUP throttling. Keep in mind that in Kannur, we used to pay a bit over ₹1000 for 2Mbps with 8Gb limit pre FUP.


So, I would like to know if the condition has improved? Are there any new ISPs in market? What's your broadband connection, the bandwidth and the price you pay for it.


Mine is 360 rs per month for 25 MBPS with 100GB FUP (after that 1 MBPS unlimited)

Sadly great plans are only available in main cities. Maybe Jio 5G will change everything when it launches.