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Draytek 130 (Modem) to Draytek 2926


I have a couple of questions.


Firstly with the homehub 5 that we received as part of the business line I am unable to assign the account and password to the homehub received in letter format. tries PPP and fails so we have had to stick to the account in oder to get internet access service.


Now, i replaced the homehub as the configuration was cumbersome to a dratek130 which is effectively a pass thru to the Draytek2926. On the draytek2926 I have the following configured



VPN back to our head office


Now, I have input the credentials for the account in WAN --> Internet Access --> PPPoE but am unable to assign the single static IP supplied from BT to the account, if I do I do not get internet access. If I leave it as dynamic every reboot provides a different IP address which cause mayhem with the VPN as I have to keep changing on the LAN to LAN on the draytek and the Cisco Meraki 3rd party VPN at the head office. The reason we use VPN is for users to print as this is controlled from the head office through Canon Uniflow.


In short I am unable to assign the static IP in the draytek provided by BT to the account, aslo provided by BT and I stuck having to use dynamic.


Do anyone have any ideas?






Super User

Hey JohnDavies,


It sounds like there could be a problem with the PPP details that you were assigned if they failed to work on the BT Business Hub that you receved, too. What I would recommend is getting the Hub 5 plugged back in and get in touch with the helpdesk over the phone on 0800 800 154. If you have your account number, they will be able to verify the PPP details that are required to make sure there hasn't been an error on the letter that you received. 


Thanks, Bobby