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Fibre broadband installation failure plus a missed appointment charge to make things even worse.


I placed an order with BT on 28th November 2022 to upgrade our existing broadband service to Fibre Broadband. 


Since then, I have had several visits from Openreach engineers but the service is still not up and running.  


The install was supposed to be finished last week but despite waiting in all day for an engineer to visit, no-one turned up and now I have been charged a missed appointment charge of £130 + VAT!!


Then, today I have received in the post a plastic bag from BT with a note saying please return our equipment or you will be charged for it!


I don't want to return the equipment, I would like to use it when the Fibre Broadband is up and running but I can't use it until the installation is complete. 


I still need a cable installing from the new box on the outside of the building to the telegraph pole but it appears BT think I have cancelled the order and want me to return the equipment. I don't want to return it, I would like the upgrade completing but i'm very frustrated about how long this is taking.


Any advice/suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you.



Hi BenF


I'm really sorry you've had such delays on your order. Can you please send me a Private Message so I can look into this for you?