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How to get the caller ID from the VoIP system




I am a company owner based in the UK we provide windows EPOS software to restaurants and take aways shops we have over 500 shops who use our services.

All our customers have the traditional telephone wall socket where the caller ID device ( like CTI Comet USB Caller ID) is connected to it and this caller ID is connected to the EPOS computer to show the caller phone number so the staff can serve the customers easily..



Recently many shops switched to the Cloud telephone from BT and the traditional wall socket it no longer is used. The EPOS software is installed in windows 10 computer and this computer is connected to internet modem via RJ45 cable and also the BT telephone device is connected to the internet modem too (it is cloud phone it is connected to broadband modem), the phone device works fine and it shows the called ID on its screen.


BT gave the shops new broadband router and a telephone which is connected tot he router and this causes issues for the shop owner because their caller ID device can not be connected the new cloud system and therefore the phone number does not show up on the computer screen.

I need your help for how to fix this issue and please guide how to obtain the caller ID number from this cloud telephone system or from the broadband and display it on the computer screen. What I want is to integrate my software to show the caller ID number on the computer software, there must be a way to sniff the caller ID from the broadband device and display it on the computer.


Please help me.





Hi @Naouflgayed ,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Please can you send over a message so I can take some details and see what we can do to help?






Did you get a solution for this?