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Installation tomorrow will not happen if BT dont get my details correct.


This is for any staff member of BT. I am supposed to have my BB installed tomorrow and land line moved to the cloud.

So far BT have got my products wrong, my price wrong and my address wrong. I'm not sure there is anything left to get wrong?

I have phoned multiple times in the last few weeks and keep getting passed around or hung up on.  BT keep promising me I will get an email confirming the correct prices etc. This still hasnt happened and my install time is less than 24hrs away.
I have had to resort to signing up to a forum as I am having no luck with your call center. 

Someone needs to contact me immediately to rectify this or I will be sending your engineer away when he arrives. 
You have my details. I await your call.   



Hopefully all sorted now. I had been mis quoted a price but BT's internal emails do confirm the correct price  but they never bothered to tell me, the customer.

Install will go aherad tomorrow and I have the call recorded in case my bill says the incorrect price.

Not a good start seeing as I'm not even a customer yet. Hopefully things will improve

BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi NeilH


Sorry to hear you have had such a rough time with this. I hope all goes well with the install. It certainly sounds like you have not had the best service at all. I know you have called many times before, but if the issues persist regaridng the order I would recommend ringing our Provisioning team on 0800 800 152 to discuss further - they can also raise a complaint for you if you wish, so that someone takes ownership of this and manages it until you are satisfied all is good.


All the best with this one.





Don't worry mate...DOn't know y theiur service lagged this time,but always have been reliable...I think their may be some other issues with them..I have been using their service since a good time now and i really had a good time with them..So just relax,they will keep improving.Best regards.