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Low disk space. Low memory


It is a long time since I have used Outlook Express but now I don't appear to be able to do anything. I have .dbx extension file and i cannot open it cause of the following messager: Error: Possible causes are: Low disk space. Low memory.


Any suggestion for this issue so please reply. Thanks in advance.





I would suggest you to take a whole system backup including your system registry and all data to a different storage first. And then do a fresh reinstall. We do the same thing in a span of a few months. And if you need any help regarding the backup procedures then you can check out some articles like this one. I found this helpful, so just shared it.


I have a large collection of old movies and books in digital form. I would be very sorry to lose my files. I try to take care in advance not to exceed the allowable memory size for my files. In order not to lose important information for me, I convert different files using free software that I found on this site  . You too can use this tool to change the file extension and reduce or increase the file size accordingly. Also different digital drives help me a lot. For example, it is very convenient to store e-books on the old memory cards of my phones. You should think about a similar system for storing and sorting electronic data.