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Moving offices - plugging BT router into existing intranet


I am hoping someone can help.

We are currently moving into a new office (there are several businesses in this office building and they all plug into existing intranet sockets to access the internet). (I have tested my laptop direct into the intranet via adapter and the sockets are fine).

We are currently a BT customer, with a new BT smart hub - the smart hub needs a phone line to phone line connection - our office only has intranet sockets.  I have tried very hard to speak to technical support at BT - but they don't seem to understand what I'm asking.  They keep telling me to take a picture of the socket (I know it's an intranet socket).

Other new businesses have moved in and simply plug their equipment into the intranet to get started.  We unfortunately, have BT cloud phones, so need to connect to a BT hub. 

An engineer from BT came, went into the room that hosts the intranet in the new building (this is not ours to give them access to), installed a new socket (we're not sure what for), and left - we have no idea what the socket was for and we still have no internet for our phones.

Can anyone tell me if we will be able to use the BT smart hub to connect to this existing intranet?

We are really struggling - hoping someone can shed some light.





Thanks for your post - I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're facing.


The hub will need to be connected to a NTE5 socket activated with a BT line - does the hub work in the socket installed by the engineer?