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New Hub Will Not Connect




Im not particularly techie so bear with me I have a BT voyager router 220V its getting a bit passed it now it has no wireless capabilities which I need etc. I have been given a BT business hub by my boss which is a BT2700HGV (hope that means something to you?)


I have installed it all properly and all the lights go Green apart from the internet light which goes solid red which according to the manual means the broadband is active but the router can’t connect to it.


Can anyone help me resolve this?


Is it just that the lines are different and the broadband I have doesn't support it? Is it something to do with the settings on the router or an my computer?.


If anyone can help it would be gratefully appreciated but please bear in mind I am OK with computers but no wiz.


Thanks for taking the time to read this I look forward to any help given




BT Employee
BT Employee



When the internet light is red it means that it is failing to authenticate with BT. If the hub was given to you it may be that the router has login details that dont match your broadband account. To check these details you need to go onto the router config page. To get on here you need to open up your web browser e.g. internet explorer, firefox etc and type into the address bar and search.


Once on routers config page, click on settings then select broadband. You will be directed to a section called link configuration. On this page you will find the username and password your router is trying to log on with. Change these to your own login details and select save from the bottom of the page. You will then be asked to enter the admin password of the router; if this hasn’t been set up it is by default the Serial Number on the hub. You only need to the numbers when typing this in.


If you do not know your login details then it is best to contact us on chat or on 0800 800 154 with your account number and we should be able to get that info for you.


If this has worked your internet light should go green meaning you are connected.


Let me know how you get on! 🙂