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Ongoing issue with BT & Fibre


Hi all,

I hope this is the correct place to post this..


We've recently moved house, and prior to moving I checked if I was able to move my current fibre broadband package over to the new property to save the hassle of setting up a new connection etc. The move home system said I was able to move the package over with no issues, so we commenced the move and awaited activation. (We moved on the 11th Feb, internet live date the 21st of Feb).


The 21st came around and we had no internet, I rang BT and was told there was an outage and it should be live by 9AM the following morning. Next morning.. still no internet. We rang BT and an engineer was sent out the following day - apparently we had been linked to the wrong cabinet in the village and needed to be reconnected to a correct one.


For next 2 weeks we went through the cease & re-provide fiasco with constant delays and issues, and finally was told that fibre isn't available and we can only have a copper connection that runs at ~5mbps.

The problem is I run a business using a cloud based fileserver that requires constant access to large design files, and my partner works at home in the pensions industry, and if we would have known there was a fibre issue we would have never moved, as it is integral to our livelihood. 


Looking into the issue further, numerous people in the village have access to fibre, even the previous occupant of the house was offered fibre when she set up her own connection. Additionally,  I have spoken to someone who had a fibre connection, sold their house & moved 5 doors down on the same street, and then didn't have fibre available.


I'm at a loss at what to do as BT technical support isn't being much help. The ADSL checker reads as linked, and apparently has shown the same data for months.


The main exchange to the village has FTTC, and the business part on the edge of the village has superfast live. Additionally when checking on fibre availability & Superfast North Yorkshire, they all say fibre should be available, but when you go through further into the order process it flags up an error.


Any help is appreciated!






Hi VornCreative


I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've had getting the internet connected. You mention a home move team, is it a BT Business or BT Residential account you have?


Power User

Ways to fix-

Check for a fault
Broadband not working? First things first, check if there’s a major fault in your area. Try connecting to the internet using a different device like a smartphone and head to our service status page

Switch off your hub or modem
No faults reported? Try switching your hub off and then on again. Tried and tested, this fixes most problems. Switch it off, leave it for five minutes and turn it back on to refresh your connection.

If you’ve got an Openreach modem, try restarting it to get your connection back up and running.

Use our online troubleshooter
Still no joy? Use our online troubleshooter to run some quick checks. It'll only take you a couple of minutes and usually fixes most problems.



Rachel Gomez