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Smart Hub 2 - 5 fixed IPs - Open Firewall Not Working


Previously on my BT Business supplied Smart Hub supplied in 2020 I opened the Firewall and had full open access in/out to all my 5 IPs and devices behind those IPs.

I had no need to set up any Port Forwarding at all.


I have now renewed my BT Business contract and received the Smart Hub 2.

I can no longer get access to my devices behind my 5 fixed IPs.

I have step up the Smart Hub  2 correctly and BT level 2 and level 3 have have looked at my setup and ay it is correct.

They are sending me a new Smart Hub 2.


My concern is that there is something wrong with the Smart Hub 2 overall and a New one will probably have the same issue.


Strangely the devices behind each IP can browse the www fine 😮

But any attempt to reach the devices from external ,WAN, just fail.

Has anyone else had this experience?


I cannot use or set up Port Forwarding as each device uses the similar ports.

Port Forwarding on this new Smart Hub 2 that I have only seems to allow one use of a port across all 5 IPs, e.g:

The Smart Hub 2 will not allow me to assign port 5003 to more than 1 IP 😮 😞



Level 3 say that currently the software on the Smart Hub 2 does not does this (missing that required feature) and they have to send out a replacement older Hub version.


NEW Smart HUB 5 has fixed the IPs and FIREWALL issue ... however...
Now the Broadband speed is back down to my previous account speeds and no longer Down/UP 900/160 but 150-450/30.

Awaiting level 3 to talk up the management chain for throttling release?:

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 12.22.09.png