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Reported a fault on Saturday the 29th of Jun 24. Had no contact from BT business Since.


Our broadband went offline on Saturday around midday. I was working from home at the time so was quite frustrating.  I tried all the usual reboot all the equipment etc but to no avail. I reported the fault via the BT Bussiness website. This is the last contact I've had from BT.  I tried contacting BT yesterday for an update but had to use Whatsapp to message and all the adviser wanted to do was log a new fault rather than give me information on the existing fault I logged.  If I log in and track the fault it was passed to Investigation at 16:03 on the 29th. It even says expected completion on 1st of July.  It's now the second and I've not had a single call, text message or email from BT with an update, utterly ridiculous.


Both me and my wife mainly work from home,  we have the 4g backup but it's only good enough for emails and basic web browsing, my wife works in adult education and therapy and she uses Zoom a lot for clients, which she now can not do.


We went with BT Bussiness because they list on the advertising that faults are a priority for business customers on the Hyperfast 2 fibre enhanced package which we have.  I wasn't expecting to be left in the dark this long.


the fault number is 1-125373083


Hopefully, someone can get back to me with an update, it's frustrating not being updated.  I have no idea when we can start work again. will it even be this week?






Hi DeanF


I'm sorry your fault has not been resolved. Can you please send over a private message so I can take some more details?