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SH2 bridging mode - login and enabling


This is my second SH2 - I can connect in router mode and access the Internet but I need to get into bridging mode and use it as a modem. I can get to 'click' the switch in the access panel to enable bridge mode but then the 'saving' circling glyph starts and never stops, the front light goes orange and never changes - end of story. This happened when an open reach engineer came and checked everything as this is a new installation and he suggested getting a replacement SH2 - the same happens on the replacement.

Firstly this seems to be a relatively common problem on this forum so any clues much appreciated - reverting back to a previous SH2 at previous premises (which worked and which I will try at the new location) it is in the bridge mode but now I don't know the IP to access it short of a factory reset. Doing an IPconfig /all gives me my IP but I cannot see the SH2 unless I am looking in the wrong place and I would like to be able to get into it to see the settings - thanks for any pointers . . .



Thanks for the testing.

I think you have no WAN Port as you are using ADSL - makes sense - but on my SH2, I have a WAN Ethernet Port.  This connects to the Openreach ONT.

If using the SH2, and you have a business/fixed IP - then you need to use your specific BTB username/password (as you said above - I needed this for my 3rd party equipment - it's not given as standard, you need to request it..) but you can actually also just use the generic 'btbroadband' one if using the SH2 and it connects just fine - but you then don't get a dedicated IP and also CGNAT I believe.


If you want anything beyond the real basics and have FTTP - then agree 100% - just ditch the SH2 and use a 3rd party router with PPPoE connectivity directly from the ONT.


As soon as the hub goes into bridge mode the wifi stops, so the GUI can't update,  If the light goes a steady white it's in bridge mode.  Alternatively, connect via ethernet and the GUI will update.  Note that the GUI will say broadband disconnected.  But when you connect your router to a LAN port on the hub all will be fine.