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Smart Hub 3 / VPN


Hi all,

Recently joined BT business broadband this week and received the new Smart Hub 3. Everybody in BT keeps bouncing me around as there's a small team dealing with the SH3 trials? (I didn't even know I was in a trial?)


The internet is all up and running, but I'm struggling with the VPN. The VPN option in the configuration page on the router login page is greyed out and unclickable?


I've also been advised that this is WiFi 6e enabled, but can't see any options for 6ghz on the router config pages?


Any help appreciated 👍



Hi @kp149 ,


Thanks for your post.


If you've received one of the new Smart Hub 3s then you'll be part of the trial. Don't worry - you're protected by all the usual T&Cs, including the usual guarantees and speed promises.


You won't need to enable Wi-Fi 6 when you connect a device capable of Wi-Fi 6 speeds. The Wi-Fi icon will change, for instance the below screenshot is what you should see on an android device.


Although the SH3 does support VPNs, the current firmware does not. However, this is being updated regularly with new features being added. Once the SH3 launches following the trial, the new firmware will be available and will update automatically. If you need this now, I can speak with the relevant team to see if they can push through the firmware update ahead of time - I'll need to take some details for this so please send me a private message if so.


If you are wanting to connect to your company VPN, for example for remote working, then this won't need to be enabled in the hub GUI and you should be able to connect to this as normal. 





Hi SamG,

Thanks for your note, very informative.

Yes that would be useful if possible, because we are trying to do site-to-site VPN so setting up on a router would be easier than having to login to a Windows VPN or other VPN client on every machine when we want to connect.

Let me know what you need





Please can you send over a private message by heading to my profile and hitting "Send Message"? I'll need to take some of your account details.





Hi Sam,

I think I’m having the same issue.  What can I do to get VPN working?