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Business Broadband not installed and losing money


We are a small start-up business, an event venue, trying to re-start post covid. My MD signed with BTOpenreach for our internet, on 24th April 2023. The landlord's lawyers sent the wayleave to the  very pushy salesman, as requested, on the 25th April 2023. It wasn't until I started with the company at the end of May, when chasing the internet, essential for our potential clients, that I realised nothing had been done, and the wayleave had never been forwarded to BT paralegal team. I have had 4 calls from BT Openreach engineers, commencing 4th July, wanting to arrange the install of the fibre, but none of them had the wayleave for our landlords. 

I have since emailed BT CEO, Philip Jansen, who referred me to the CEO Complaints, Courtney Dunlop, to try and resolve this **bleep**-up. We have lost about £200k of potential business. She has been working on this now for 5 weeks and still no success. Apparently she has just discovered, after a month,  BT Openreach must use their own Wayleave documents, not the landlords  legal team's ones. 

We are now nearly out of business due to this horrendous service, and the flash salesman never sending the wayleave in the first place. Can anyone advise as to how we claim some sort of recompense for this total disaster? 

Any advice would be greatly received......before we go under.



Hi Mike,


As you are with the CEO office already the best person to speak to is Courtney as she will advise the process. The complaint you have with her will be retained until the issues are resolved and at that point they have a start and end point for the complaint. Until this point they can not discuss goodwill if any is due.


The best thing to do is speak with the case handler.


Thank you



Thank You Adam,

I am already speaking with Courtney but as it's taken her 4 weeks to discover that BT Openreach only use their own Wayleave, which our lawyers sent back in April, I don't hold out much hope. She is now 5 weeks 'handling' the query and nothing yet!








Thank God for VORBOSS!! A dedicated fibre network for London Business. I received an email from the CEO of BT Complaints, to say sorry we couldn't help. That was after over 4 months of literally begging for the install of our internet, as we were losing business so badly. I contacted VORBOSS on the 7th August and they are here now, commencing the install, hopefully to be completed by tomorrow!! Between them and our landlord's legal team they have done everything that BT were unable to do since April, in 2 .5 weeks. Says a lot about BT monopoly. For anyone reading this, just call VORBOSS as their customer service is phenomenal.