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Speed dropping to 0.01mb/s


Hi All - new poster to the forum so please be kind!


My BT business broadband has been very sketchy for a little while now (around 6 months) and I need some advice if possible.


Normal speeds I achieve the below (from a bt wholesale test this morning)

download - 10.93

upload - 0.68

ping latency - 40.75


im on FTC


Im on BTs newest smarthub (according to them) a smarthub 6?


However sometimes my speeds will drop at random to well below 1mb/s and usually aorund the 0.01/0.02 mb/s range.


they can stick at this speed for hours and sometimes just a few minutes. Not really sure what to do as the customer service line etc hasnt been able to resolve this as of yet.


My router is plumbed in to a network switch thats then cat5 cabled throughout my building in to wall ports. 


Its not any particular wall port thats the problem as it affects all users at the same time.


Really not sure where to go so hoping someone can help!








I've added a couple of images from a speedtest just now - You can see the difference when its low its REALLY low! SPEED TEST 1.jpgSPEED TEST 2.jpg

Grand Guru

Hi there JoelCCWW,


Do you have any computers wired direct into the router that don't go through your internal network?  Something you could try is to remove the network from the router when you see the speed drop and connect direct to the router to see if there is still a problem.


You could also connect to the router direct by Wi-Fi to see if it has the same speed issues.






Hi Mark


Thanks so much for the response! 


I do have a computer that I can link directly to the router - in fact, when the speed drops I could plug in a laptop in to the router directly?


When doing this however would you advise that I unplug the router from the rest of the network and just have it linhked to the one laptop?


Im sure it has the same speed issues through WIFI when it does decide to drop (Ive got the speedtest by ookla app that I use).


When it next slows I will post a speedtest from my mobile linked through the WIFI and a speedtest page from the laptop cabled direct if that then gives us some next steps?

Grand Guru

Hi JoelCCWW,


Yes, when you see the speed drop disconnect everything from your network and connect just the 1 laptop direct to the router to see what speed you are getting, you will also be able to access the router settings and see what speed the router is currently connect at.




Hi Mark


Hope youre well and had a nice weekend.


I came in yesterday and managed to grab a couple of screen shots with some strange results.


In My initial test i got a 2.65 down and 0.08 up


I unplugged all the cabling from my network and went straight in to the pc i have in my network room for my call recording (laptop i have doesnt have ethernet (duh).

This then gave me a 10mb+ reading which is my usual max readout. now this may have been because the issue had fixed by thetime i got all the cabling done.


so i thought i would go back to having everything in and see what it shows. that then gave me a strange result of 218.79 down. nothing up and no ping latency. seem to me the testing was being a bit funny so i'll get some more done today if possible. 


with all networks in.jpgwith all networks back in.jpgstraight to the pc.jpg

BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Joel


Has this issue been sorted for you or are you still experiencing problems? If you are still having issues you may find it easier to livechat us via BT Business Livechat - or if you prefer you can call us on 0800 800 154 and we can test your line for you.