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The problems I have had with Bt Business


August 2014 Bt Business put in a new phone system. We have 3 phone lines but only 2 phone lines can be used at the same time. When the phone system was put in, we found the phone landline and internet not working. We had to contact BT Local Business regarding the issue, they were rude, and kept promising to send a Engineer to do the job. While this was taking place, we found that because we are a busy Work Club, helping people find employment or they would be sanctioned with their benefits we could not support them. Because we had enough by this time we decided due to the bad service we would not be making any payments. As we had no internet or landline. Then the issue with the Landline and Phone was fixed and we started making payments. However Bt charged us a large bill due to this. I contacted them daily to try and sort out one advisor after another, one hand not knowing the other. Then we did not realise this but the phone system came with a rental charge from a company called BNP Paribas of £234.00 each month, and this was not explained to us at the time. We finally signed the contract with BNP Paribas September 2015 after Bt Local Business forget about the contract. Also Bt Local Business charges us each month £140.00 insurance we need to pay towards the phone system breaking down. To cut a long story short. We are now in arrears of over £6,000.
due to BT Business, I suffer with Asthma and I have been put under a lot of stress. They are getting away with hurting people.


Grand Guru

Hi there Charlie12,


i am sorry to read about the problems you habe encountered with BT Business, if you can send me some account and contact details via a private message, I can get somone to look at your account to see what has been happening/going on for you.