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I’m hoping you are able to get this resolved as a matter of urgency as this is becoming a huge problem. Especially if things don’t get resolved before this Friday.
Basically what’s happened is one of my colleagues placed an order with Zen broadband (we are currently with BT), but the Zen package they ordered wouldn’t fit our needs and changing providers in the middle of the season would be too much hassle, so I contacted the BT business main sales team to just renew the contract instead (as it expired in May anyway), but they couldn’t renew it because there is a “cease order” on the account. They gave me a number for a BT team to cancel that “cease order.” I contacted them. Eventually, they said the “cease order” had been canceled and I would be able to renew the contract with sales the next day. This was last Monday (1st).
So Tuesday, I called the sales team and the “cease order” was still active, so I couldn’t renew. I called the team that was supposed to be cancelling it, and they said nothing was on the system to cancel it, but they would do it now so I could renew the next day. This kept happening every day last week. So last Friday I called the Essex BT local business line as I thought them being locally based might help. I spoke to a guy who sounded like he could get it sorted fairly quickly and said he’d call me back once he’d checked on it, but I never heard back.
I’m now getting very concerned as the “cease order”/the original moving over to Zen date is this Friday, the 12th. So if this doesn’t get sorted quickly, we are going to lose all our broadband and VOIP phone, and we rely on the broadband to take card payments, so we are stuffed if we don’t have it.






I am sorry about this. The community forum is a public to public assistance so no one here would be able to help with this.

If you can privately message me I can take the Business details and assist.


Thank you,