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Unable to connect to network- help?


This is a cross post from here



I have been having problems connecting my HP Notebook to my WiFi. It is a Business Smart Hub - Type A

My laptop is able to connect to other networks (e.g. the phone hotspot I am using to write this), and my family's other HP devices connect. When I click connect, it reads "Checking network requirements" and then "Unable to connect to network". The only method that has worked so far is turning the router off and on again, but once my laptop disconnects from the WiFi after that, the problem returns. It's not really convienent to do that every time I want to connect to the WiFi.

I think the problem is with the WiFi not my laptop, but if its any help the model number is 14-an001na, and I can get other info if need be

Thanks for any helpSmiley Happy



Hi emaude1234,


It could be the wireless range on the hub thats causing the problem. The Business Smart Hub - Type A comes with the 2.4ghz network and the 5ghz network broadcasting at the same frequency. Splitting those channels in the hub could make your signal more robust - especially if you connect to the 2.4ghz frequency as it has a better range on it. 


This might help you navigate Smarthub Wifi setup