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Unifi U-LTE-Pro

Super User

i've moved from vdsl business broadband to FTTP with unbreakable wifi (didn't really want all the kit that goes with it as i have my own equipment) i used to use the 4g assure sim in my U-LTE-pro, which worked fine after getting the correct settings. 


the unbreakable wifi doesn't use 4g assure, it uses a BT/EE modem connected to the the hub. i put the sim from that into my LTE-Pro, and with the correct settings it returns an error of unregistered device, which I assume means the sim is locked to bt/ee modem.


will BT allow me to use my own device if i give them the details of my device?



Hi RichCreedy and welcome back,


We offer 4G backup to our customers as an emergency internet connection when the line goes down. So we need to be able to monitor the usage. We do this so we know when there are problems with a customers line. Then we can be proactive and call them or fix an issue before the customer even notices that there are problems. This can only be done by using our equipment.