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Using a 3rd-Party Router behind a BT Business Smart Hub using a Static IP


I pay BT for a static IP on our broadband and I have a Draytek 2860n router, with port forwarding for various devices that need to be accessible via the static IP from the Internet.  For various reasons* I now need to connect a BT Business Smart Hub to the outside ADSL line and connect the Draytek to that.  This means that when inbound traffic hits the Smart Hub, it needs to be routed to the Draytek and onward to the devices which must be accessible from the outside.


I have connected the Draytek's WAN2 port to Port 1 of the Smart Hub and I have set up the Draytek's 'Internet Access' to have a fixed IP on the Smart Hub's network.  All my internal network equipment can now 'see' the Internet.


I now need to set up the Smart Hub.  I configured it so that the firewall is disabled and all the ports (except port 80) are forwarded to the IP address of the Draytek.


However, this isn't working and external devices can't seem to get through to devices plugged into the Draytek.  Note that all the routing worked fine when the Draytek was plugged directly into the ADSL line.


In effect, I'm trying to find out how to make the Smart Hub 'invisible' - so the Draytek thinks it's plugged into the ADSL line.


Can anyone help?


*The reason I need to do this is that after around 10 years of service the Draytek's 'VDSL/ADSL' port appears to have stopped working properly 😞



Hi K1tty,


Have you tried using the Smart Hub in bridge mode? This would allow the Hub to act as a modem only. Instructions on how to do this are found here: How do I enable bridge mode on my BT Business Hub? | BT Business).


Let me know how you get on.






Or just buy another Draytek on eBay for £30.  Try the WAN1 port  too.  Or a factory reset on the Draytek after backing up the config.


I bought one similar from this seller and he was very helpful