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Why has my premium gone up but new customers pay £37 less?


I have 900Mb broadband no extras and this month it went up from £60 to £77, I was warned of this due to inflation.

But looking at the sales page and none of the broadband packages went up with inflation for new customers, so 900Mb is £54.99 but currently £40.99.

I'm currently getting robbed. Would it be cheaper to cancel (4 months left) and then be a new customer



I am switching to digital for £39.99.  I am an existing BT Business account holder with ADSL copper and will get FTTC with the same speeds and Cloud Voice Express phone.  This means I can accept "landline" calls on my mobile, even when I'm not home.  We will all have to go digital in December 2025 when the analogue system is switched off, so you may as well switch now and save money.