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Windstream Fixed Wireless - Does it use a modem?


I have not used fixed wireless service before and they are suppose to be installing it this week. They are sending out a rental modem for my install this week. I had fiber in my prior house and the fiber was just a ethernet cable I plugged into my router - no modem. My understanding is the fixed wireless is converted and brought into the house as a ethernet cable as well - so are they just trying to rent me a router? Or is there an actual modem used with fixed wireless. Searching online I could not find anything.



Hi KemarRoach,


Can you just confiirm that you are going from a copper/fibre to the cabinet product to a full fibre to the premises product? If you are going to fibre to the premises then yes, you get a white OpenReach ONT/Modem that connects to the hub. You then need the hub to connect your devices too in your property. 

I hope this helps