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Wits End. BT ruining business & can't cope anymore. How to get ONE representative to take ownership


Issues since June at business site. It's a very long, very complicated story involving over 10 site visits and hours on the phone to several different people, each who promise to fix the issues but then they don't. So difficult to get through to anyone who understands as despite all the online chats and phone calls and complaints you have to run through the same story every time. I am literally at a standstill with nowhere to turn.


Does anyone know how to get through to ONE person who will take ownership of the issue until is is resolved or who to complain to to escalate (NOT BT)? This is seriously making me ill and my business is going to go under. I'd even appreciate someone acting as my representative in contacting BT if they have some magic way of getting someone to help.




Hi ruiningbusiness


I’m sorry about the issues you had with the order. If you have an open complaint, the owner should be dealing with the issue and working to get it resolved, meaning you shouldn’t need to do any more chasing. I’m sorry that hasn’t been the case here. Hopefully everything is now resolved and working for you, if you do need any assistance regarding this please private message me so I can investigate this for you.