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Adding a new Wordpress install to an existing live website - best way to proceed?


I have a standard HTML website that exists on my hosting plan with BT.

I plan on building a new Wordpress based site on the same host. So I would need to add the Wordpress app and then setup and configure the website in Wordpress.

My question is - how do I add the Wordpress app/install it without it impacting the current live website?

When the Wordpress configuration is ready, how would I then disable the old site, to switch to the new Wordpress one? 

Thanks for any help.



Hi jinu230nofg024g,


If you log into your account on the BT Business website and go to Manage Services, you should see an option called Manage Webhosting. There should then be an option to download Wordpress.


The website can then be built in Wordpress and can simply overwrite the existing site.






Thanks SamG - I'm not sure it's as simple as this though. Eg - setting up / configuring Wordpress (the new site) will take quite some time. How do I switch between the HTML website being active, and the Wordpress site? 
Would it be a case of deleting all existing (HTML) files by using FTP software, leaving only the new Wordpress files? 

Hope that makes sense - I can't see how to "switch" between the HTML site and the new Wordpress one. Thanks again.

Power User

Build a new WordPress site in a subdomain while the existing domain is live
Download and extract the WordPress package from the official website.
Create a new database for your subdomain.
Upload the WordPress files to your subdomain.
Run the WordPress installation script on your subdomain.




Thanks Peter - but then when the subdomain is setup and Wordpress is ready to be used, what will the next step be?

Wouldn't the Wordpress installation need to be moved off the subdomain when ready to go live? 


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