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BT connect mail not downloading to Apple Mail on MacBook


I have three btconnect mail addresses, two personal and a third that my husband and I both use.  He also has another unshared btconnect email address. 


We both have iphones and MacBooks with up to date software.


Earlier this year both MacBooks failed to download any mails sent to our shared email address and to one of my personal addresses.  There was no problem with either of the iphones or our ipad - so we were seeing emails to all 5 btconnect addresses on IOS but to only 3 of the 5 on MacOS.


After much researching, resetting, deleteing and reinstalling the email accounts, checking and re-checking all the settings, we eventually resorted to setting a forwarding rule on the Office365 webpage so that anything sent to the failing addresses was forwrded on to the working ones.


Then suddenly, after a few weeks, everything reverted to normal and all the missing emails appeared in Apple Mail on MacOS.  We put it down to a glitch within BT or Apple that had eventually been resolved (we couldn't link it to anything we'd tried).


Sadly, the problem has now reoccurred with the shared email address.  We receive all emails sent to it on our iPhones and iPad, but nothing on our MacBooks.  Experience says that BT will say this is an Apple problem, Apple will say it's BT 😞


Has anyone else experienced this, and if so how was it resolved?  Any ideas, anyone?



Hi Ruthgeryllan,


Sorry to hear the email issues have reoccured - when this is a problem, are you able to access your emails fully on the Outlook Web Access? Usually if an issue also exists in the web access, it's a Microsoft issue whereas if it only exists in the mail client, it's an issue somewhere within the mail client.




Power User

Choose IMAP.
Under Name, enter Your email address including or
Under Email, enter Your email address including or
Under Description, enter BT email.